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Bodyguard Telugu Movie Review and box office collection

A rebuilding story, the story is a flashback to the diary, and it Venkatadri (Venkatesh) about. He was in his childhood Varadarajulu Naidu (on state) and then to be saved by his great respect and esteem for the Varadarajulu. A situation where it is sent to Venkatadri Varadarajulu as a bodyguard. However, Varadarajulu bodyguard from his daughter Keerthi (trisha) as a danger to his life, is appointed as Venkatadri. Venkatadri to take his work seriously, and his method is not preferred by Keerthi. She decided to play a prank and started to Venkatadri undisclosed number of the calling with love. After some time, Venkatadri looking for real love, even knowing it Keerthi Keerthi and his sincerity, but also love falls apart. What form will the rest of the story.

Director with a rehashed storyline was weak, and when the presentation is good, story was not that severe. There was good dialogue here, the script was strong screenplay was written appeal and Moderate. Background score was good and the songs were catchy. Cinematography was top notch. The signs were up. This was when the art department was a colorful and rich, trendy and stylish. Venkatesh has come to represent a balanced and he carried it. Looks beautiful and very attractive in Trisha Sarees. Saloni looks sensuous and irresistible sex appeal in that country. Was blown from the state. Quota was minimal. Ali was a congruous. Venu Madhav get a few laughs. Pragathi, Dharmavarapu necessary to support them. It was not.

Film in the Malayalam hit ‘protecting’ the remake, and it has been lifted right out of the way the war has been transferred to the order. However, in the first half of the light, it is in the second half with some momentum. The last twenty-minute film, which is what the score. Overall, the film has a high standard of technical quality and the impact if the comedy was more powerful, and the length may be reduced. Box office, the family will appeal to audience, women, and who are therefore expected that the average income is above the full-blown love.

Venkatadri (Venkatesh) is a reliable man for Prakshraj. He was assigned to guard her from the safe of his rival Kota Srinivasa Rao.Venkatadri Venkatesh Trisha as his duty as a bodyguard to follow her everywhere from the classroom as opposed to bathroom.To responsibility to help his friend Saloni posing with Trisha on the phone started to Venkatadri flirting with a Venky said he and his friends find a secret anonymous caller.Incidentally him.Rest with stories of love? And what is his love story to happend?

Venkatesh performace very well, the comedy, and getup sentiment.In lady with the white boy’s search for his drama Anna laughter.As firm has been in his best venky yet your hearts.
He scores good marks in the second half Ross Trisha good.Her scene for more than a college acting scene.
Trisha from a friend, played an important role as Saloni, the good he has done.
Published by Raj, Kotasrinivasa Rao usual.Did their way to their role in the justice.
Ali, Venumadhav, MS Narayana comedy side of it for our entertainment.

A typical half-guard, two songs with the College of Venkatesh Venky mark Trisha.First movie film filled with comedy, character comedy, filled with the juice and half good.In love.first with no more than half of the songs in the entertainment continued.Second, Ross moves to scenes . Venkatesh’s love of performance in the second half of the main highlights of the second half.songs ok.Towards end twists just a bit, we think well of energy utlising dragging.Director Gopichand movie making has been pursued venkatesh.
Body guard is not a complete action entertainer. There are a lot of attitude and a love of cinema. The action scenes are inspired from the Bollywood movie Singham. Ali and Venkatesh Comedy Dancing Poovai Poovai within a couple of songs from the girls’ hostel at the Women’s Dress up view Dookudu brings laughs. But overall this film is a little less than the comedy. Duets in the second half of the audience back to bore
Thaman also has a decent quality music

Box Office Collection
The movie also received good reviews from websites and media. As per the trade reports the movie collected a gross of around Rs 6.5 crore world wide on first day of release.

The occupancy rate of the movie was around 85 to 90% on single screens and multiplexes.

The unoccupied rate is due to heavy competition from Mahesh Babu starrer Businessman.

It is known that the movie is official remake of Malayalam super hit movie ‘Bodyguard’.

First Day Collections 6.5 Crores
2nd Day Collections 5.6 crores
3rd Day Collections 5.1 crores
Total First 3 Days Collections 15.2 Crores

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