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Sita Bibaha First oriya film – Sita Bibaha Posters, Photo, Videos

Sita Bibaha First oriya film

Sita Bibaha First Oriya film (1935) Directed by Mohan Sundar Deb Goswami, presented the marriage of Lord Sri Ram with Sita based on the epic story Ramayan.

The film starred Makhanlal Bannerjee, Mohan Sunder Dev Goswami, Krishnachandra Singh, and Prabhavati. It premiered April 28, 1936 at the Laxmi Talkies of Puri.
The Production cost  Sita Bibaha was Rs 29,781 and 10 anna – (around 30,000), Produced by Mohan Sundar. It was a 12 reel movie.
At that time, Makhanlal (Ram) had received Rs 120 on 30 October 1935. Adaita Ballabha Mohanty (Laxman) was paid just Rs 35 as a conveyance fee. Actress Miss Prabhabati (Sita) received the highest among the lot, Rs 150.

Rama (Makhanlal Banarjee)  in Sita Bibaha

 Cast and Crew of Sita Bibaha

Oriya Movie – Sita Bibaha
Producer – Mohan Sundar
Director – Mohan Sundar
Cast – Mohan Sundar Dev Goswami, Makhanlal Banarjee, Krushnachandra Singh, Ramachandra Lal, Narasingha Nanda, Adweta Mohanty, Prabhabati Devi, Radharani, Laxmipriya and Parbati
Sound Arrangements – Haricharan Mohanty
Dialogue –  Dr. Adweta Mohanty

Censor Certificate Photo

Sita Bibaha Photos and Wallpapers

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