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ACP Ranveer is not a Remake – Dare to face the Original

ACP Ranveer is not a Remake

There are a lots of rumors in the market about ACP Ranveer, one of them is “ACP Ranveer is a remake”
This afternoon we had a talk with Anubhav about ACP Ranveer, after getting an eye into the story line from Anubhav, we are convinced that its never a remake.

As said by Anubhav Mohanty  “A.C.P. Ranveer is NOT a remake of any movie on this earth. If any similarity,then its purely a co-incidence. “DARE TO FACE THE ORIGINAL……”

Here is one more great work by Azhar – I really like the idea of the Combo (Anubhav n Azhar combination) They really do great work… a salute to the Team of Acp Ranveer.

For Cast crew and other details of ACP Ranveer visit our official page, fullorisa is proud to be announced as the official web partner for ACP Ranveer

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